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Corbo I think the confusion stems from the fact that not many folks in Seymour list their location as Rome, Maine. Maybe you are so new to the area you just haven't had time to change the location yet in your profile. Also to put it bluntly East TN along with much of the South has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. We are overrun with Northerners who come down here because we have lower taxes and more freedom. Yet despite the fact that we seem to be doing things right, which is the reason they come down here in the first place, they almost always seem to think they know better and things were done better up north.

Just my opinion no disrespect to you personally I am sure if we met out on the water we would get along fine. Seriously we should go fishing sometime. I used to live in Seymour so we have that in common. My ancestors all fought for the Union yet lived in Hawkins County (East TN). East TN was a very strong Union area. Middle and West were the rebs. You can still see that delineation today in that East TN is strong Republican whereas Middle and West is Democrat.
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