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In reading through these posts again, I don't think the guy meant any insult on us Southerners.

Like many of us did when this was being discussed a year or two ago, he questioned the logic of using a poision to kill all fish (and most probably other much other life as well) in a healthy stream to restock the natives. Yes, in this case, the fish stocked are not imports but fish captured from adjoining streams in the same watershed. While they may not be an exact match for the minute genetic differences they are, I'm sure, pretty darn close.

My question then and now is what else was killed in Lynn Camp Prong in order to reintroduce the brook trout and was it worth it?

I don't claim to have the answers, just questions. Time will eventually tell the story.

Nowever, I really didn't think the original poster was trying to slam southerners.

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