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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
Just to clear up some of your assumptions:

As a scientist with access to a large number of scientific journals, I can tell you definitively that the genetics of specks across MANY, MANY watersheds in the park have been studied, documented, and published over the past 30-40 years. Based on your original comments, that may come as a surprise to you, that we down in the south would also be 'blessed' with such scientific research of that extent and quality like they do up north.

What might all be stockers anyway? Are you now making the leap from 'restoring specks is irresponsible' (which may be arguable, but probably better approached in more reasonable fashion that calling everyone a bunch of idiots) to 'all the specks in the park might be stockers anyway'?

My main is issue with you is not the questions you pose, but the way you pose them. You are jumping to conclusions about various aspects of the program that based totally on your own assumptions and not in any way shape or form the reality of the situation. The advice given by others to do some research is a good one- especially if you plan on announcing your point of view from such a high horse.

Nduncan: For the record I called nobody an "idiot" & if you read my post of how "restoring brook trout waters in Maine" transpired you would understand that I'm not riding a high horse.... Maine did things wrong for years before getting anything right.

So let me disrespect Mainers and tell you they are about the most selfish & inconsderate, worthless & lazy, disrespectful and poorly valued B-tards on the planet and the fisheries people totally inept. I have nothing but comtempt for New Englanders which I am not. Oh and the fishing sucks now do to poor management.

Thanks all for an interesting discussion
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