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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
So let me disrespect Mainers and tell you they are about the most selfish & inconsderate, worthless & lazy, disrespectful and poorly valued B-tards on the planet and the fisheries people totally inept. I have nothing but comtempt for New Englanders which I am not. Oh and the fishing sucks now do to poor management.

Thanks all for an interesting discussion
First you start off with an ignorant rant about fishing and then somehow turn it into horrible rant about New Englanders I now totally agree with the earlier poster and let me say: YOU'RE A REAL ***! You seem to be full of anger and hate and seem to displace your emotions and make you draw irrational conclusions. Just because something gets screwed up in Maine (which has tons of GREAT fishing), has absolutely nothing to do with the restoration effort here.

I have always found the people in rural Maine to have similar values as East TN. And while I have done my best on this board to keep an open mind, and to honestly try to hear what others are saying (especially when they disagree with me), but with you sir I am done. Every time someone politely tries to educate you, you just turn your anger in a new direction.

Whether your a bitter old man or a troll, you don't need to posting on this board, and I hope Paula will pull your RANTS as they seem less than fishing related.

On the other hand, I am really impressed by my fellow board members, which try again, again, and again to help this fool.
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