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Amen to that, thanks for showing some civility and class. No wonder this world is the way it is. I am so tired of this. I hear it all the times as an immigrant. I'm an american citizen but I still feel the crudeness from certain individuals. I'm not a victim but I'm tired of uneducated generalizations and accusations. If you are a Swede, Finn, Greek or an Alien from Mars, it doesn't matter, you can never safely assume that one ethnic group or people act as a homogenouos group. Not all Swedes are the same, not all Tennesseans are the same. Why is this so hard for some people to grasp? Also, for your information and all others out there that only think they are right and their political views are the only ones that matter. The other side think your views are as wacky as anyone's. It's just politics, it won't have all the answers and it will not solve all problems. This family values thing is another oxymoron. My family values might be complete opposite of yours. Why are mine wrong and yours right? Enough of this, this is a fishing forum and used to be the best. It is now deteriorating in to a mudslinging political rant and I know that I don 't come here to read about someone thinkging they are right and everyone else is wrong. Why can't we leave this to the proper boards?

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