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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Nduncan: For the record I called nobody an "idiot" & if you read my post of how "restoring brook trout waters in Maine" transpired you would understand that I'm not riding a high horse.... Maine did things wrong for years before getting anything right.

So let me disrespect Mainers and tell you they are about the most selfish & inconsderate, worthless & lazy, disrespectful and poorly valued B-tards on the planet and the fisheries people totally inept. I have nothing but comtempt for New Englanders which I am not. Oh and the fishing sucks now do to poor management.

Thanks all for an interesting discussion
If you had read my post that followed that, I apologized for being over-defensive based on my perception of your tone in your original posts. And since then, I moved on, haven't brought up anything about the whole stupid 'northerners vs southerners' argument to salvage the point of this thread, which I thought was a discussion of the methods, precautions, research, etc that was done in the parks restoration program. I keep trying to turn the subject back to your original questions, I provided data about the studies that were done on the genetics of the park's trout. I don't know why, if you truly want to discuss this, you keep trying to take the conversation back to this initial side-tracked waste of time geographical argument.

So if you still don't see my other post, I apologize for jumping to conclusions regarding the tone your posts.

I hope your foot gets better.
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