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Default Thanks Folks

This is still hard for me to type, but my dad passed away on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He was 78 years old and a dang good father and husband.

I would like to personally thank nvrL8, jeffnles1, silvercreek, gmreeves, MadisonBoats, Noonan, Paula Begley, GrouseMan77, JohnH0802, MtnMike, Dancing Bear, Flyfishjeep, highpockets, Byron Begley, Knothead, and speed43 for the kind words of encouragement and prayers during my dad's illness. I would also like to thank anyone else whom I may have inadvertently left out. You folks are the best.

Last week was the first week that I have been back on this fine forum since May 2010. Between helping take care of my dad and my mindset after his death, I just didn't have the time or desire to participate. But, time has managed to heal a few wounds and I am looking forward to a year of fantastic fishing and great conversations. And most importantly, I'm looking forward to time with my family. Thanks again, folks.

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