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I tried a lot of different weedguards when I was flyfishing for bass in TX, and I will never again use a mono weedguard. If they are stiff enough to work, they are too stiff for any but the biggest fish to bite (I believe when they bite the stiff weedguard the hooks rolls over flat in their mouth and slips out, instead of biting), or the mono gets in the way of the hook point itself, plus the issues of "lifetime"of the fly. Mono gets warped and bent of of shape too easily. The fly pictured may have the weedguards in teh right place now, but give it a week in a flybox and it will me mis-shaped.

I bought wire weedguards at the fly shop and like those ok, except the points were sharp. Then I found these eagle claw hooks 449WA. They are a bait hook with a wire weedguard loop. They are very effective, and dont hinder hooks ups. I would mash the barbs on the shank down to make it smooth, and would cut off the plastic holding the wire guard on, and then tie the guard back in with thread, and tie my fly as usual,rabbit strips, deceivers, poppers, etc. No weedguard is ever perfect, but this was the best I ever found. Only problem is the smallest I ever found the hook in teh stores was a #1, but a search on the web says you can order them as small as a 6. They go up to 5/0

Looks like there is a 249W is plain shank, no baitholder barbs.
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