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My father blew his knee out years ago, that's why we haven't been back up here in years. He's wanting another go at it, and the most leisurely short trip we could find was the Newfound to Icewater to Kephart 3day/2night yeah, I'm tied to it. What size Nymphs? How far should they be tied down from the dry? What kind of Nymph, and heck, would a woolly bugger work? They work on tarpon, redfish, bass, bluegill, bonefish, gator trout. 5x? 3wt-7'10"? Thanks again.
And Jim, to be honest, after 6 years of bonefishing, I never had a cast farther than 50 feet and never had a fish take out more than 70 yards of backing. First bonefish I ever caught, the leader knot wasn't even past the rod tip. There is a huge difference between fish that have seen every fly known to man and virgin bonefish.
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