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I'll offer my perspective having moved here from Maine where there is a five cent deposit on cans and bottles and more for larger bottles.

It's a bit of a pain in the butt to cull out deposit bottles but pretty much everyone does it.... for various reasons...

The nickel ain't much so most people hurl cans and bottles outta there vehicle just like so many do here in TN... in Maine this is mostly beer bottles as ****ed near everyone drinks a six-pack on the way home from work and empties are evidence. (beer is sold everywhere in nearly any store that would also sell smoke products, liquor is also readily sold in the same places as is wine)

Now this is not a bad thing... DITCH DIVING is a State-wide activity... kids pick em up as do poor folks and those looking for enough cans/bottles to get MORE BEER (most common divers)

Many divers work in teams... mother (the wife) drives slowly with husband in the ditch... usually soaking wet as most ditches are damp at the least.. sometimes a diver will be on each side of the road with "mothah" at the wheel...

A common "technique" is to park and walk a half mile up one side then turn and come back on the other then advance the vehicle... this is often done by solo divers but not very wise as other divers will steal your bottles from your truck while it's parked (very common).

Winter in Maine is a harsh time to ditch dive as there is too much snow covering the bottles and cans... that's why late March is DITCH DIVING SEASON... AS THE SNOW MELTS MORE EMPTIES ARE REVEALED DAILY.

Most ditch diving occurs in the middle of the month thru then end of the month.... after the very generous Maine welfare checks (that nearly everyone qualifies for) are spent..... well funds for more ALLEN'S COFFEE BRANDY (mixed with half and half over ice) are quickly obtained on the way to nearly every country store (liquor is sold everywhere).

Virtually every store that sells returnables must accept them and give you money for them.... this spawned new businesses that count your bottles etc. and give you cash... MANY GIVE YOU 6 CENTS as stores charge you 5 cents but the bottlers have to pay them 8 cents for empties.

My Mom has a guy that comes to her house once a month... she leaves them outside (un-counted) on the prescribed Sunday; goes to church and finds an envelope of cash waiting.

Many people donate them to scouts, churches, school clubs, sports teams etc.

So outside of needing a place to store them it's not such a bad thing and it does stimulate the economy.... and liquor sales.
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