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Originally Posted by kentuckytroutbum View Post
Hope they don't throw their empties into the Kennebec, from the East Outlet down to Madison. Hate it when the trout get drunk in the middle of the day. They'll strike at anything! Must get the "munchies".


****ation troutbum.... you have fished my former home waters?

I love the EO; don't fish the forks area but love Bingham, Solon, "The Pines" in Madison and of course the Shawmut Tailwater in Fairfield that was once the most awesome fishery east of the Mighty Miss.

The farther upcountry you go the fewer the divers.... outta town that far the bottles are so far in between they spend more on gas than they get in nickels.

So get this.... the State of Maine's Biologists believe that Brown trout in the Kennebec BELOW Madison cannot reproduce due HUMAN Birth control hormones that enter the river through municipal sewerage systems!

Seems it shrinks the male fish gonads.

Conversely I wonder if Viagra that gets pissed into the sewer has the same brown trout overly aggresive.

Poor fish, horny but sterile?
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