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JEEEEEEZZZZZ! What will they think of next?

Ft. Knox, 30 miles south of Louisville, used to be the home of the US Army Armor Training Center, before they moved it to Ft. Benning a few months ago. On cloudy nights, with low clouds and the right conditions, you could hear the thunder of the tanks, and the exploding rounds at the impact ranges. The sound was bouncing off the clouds all the way to the Louisville area.

I had several friends who were company or battalion commanders tell me that some of the best deer hunting on the base was adjacent to the impact areas. They would sit in the turrets of their tanks and watch the deer feeding in the early morning mist.
When the first round was fired, the deer were gone. As soon as they finished, the deer would come back and continue feeding.
Obviously, the deer were wise to the exploding ordnance, and it didn't seem to hurt the deer herds any. Go Figure.

Ft. Knox would have their own deer hunting season, separate from the statewide seasons. It was managed by the Base Recreation Office for recreation and population control of the deer herds. You could apply for a permit to hunt on the base for a reasonable fee. Shotguns, with buckshot or slugs only.

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