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Here's a partial list I was is imperative that we motivate as many people as possible. Time to unite with the bait fishermen too, it will take a lot of "voices" to help stop this. I emailed with Frank Fiss at TWRA and his advice was to go to these people, voice our concerns, and get as many people as possible involved. Talk to you local businesses that support the people that use these resources, they are losing income because of this budget cut. If they succeed in closing these hatcheries, our tail waters will surely never have trout in them again the the mountain streams will become as crowded as malfunction junction used to be.

Tennessee Congressional Districts Receiving Fish
Reared at Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery
in FY 2010 (Oct. 1, 2009 Sept. 30, 2010)

Phil Roe (TN01)
Ft. Patrick Henry Reservoir/Tailwater
Wilbur Tailwater
South Holston Reservoir/Tailwater
Watauga Reservoir
Total: 347,929 rainbow, brown, brook, and lake trout weighing 66,610 pounds

John J. Duncan (TN02)
Calderwood Reservoir
Chilhowee Reservoir
Tellico Reservoir
Tellico River
North River
Tellico State Fish Hatchery (hatchery receives all of its fish from Dale Hollow for grow-out)
Athens Recreational Park, Athens (winter trout fishing program)
Total: 183,241 rainbow, lake, and brook trout weighing 55,140 pounds

Charles J. Fleischmann (TN03)
Apalachia Tailwater (Hiwassee River)
Norris Tailwater
Parksville Reservoir/Tailwater
Cherokee Tailwater
Lake Junior, Chattanooga (winter trout fishing program)
Total: 365,131 rainbow, brown, and brook trout weighing 49,016 pounds

Scott DesJarlais (TN04)
Dale Hollow Reservoir (shared with TN06)
Wolf River
Tims Ford Tailwater
Oneida City Lake, Oneida (winter trout fishing program)
Byrd Lake, Cumberland Mtn. State Park (winter trout fishing program)
Pickett Lake, Pickett State Park (winter trout fishing program)
Total: 149,504 rainbow, and brown trout weighing 41,627 pounds

Jim Cooper (TN05)
J. Percy Priest Tailwater (winter trout fishing program)
Total: 14,035 rainbow trout weighing 5,009 pounds

Diane Black (TN06)
Dale Hollow Reservoir (shared with TN04)
Dale Hollow Tailwater
Center Hill Tailwater
Normandt Tailwater
VA Hospital Pond, Murfreesboro
Stones River at Nice Mill (winter trout fishing program)
Cane Creek Park, Cookeville (winter trout fishing program)
Total: 334,088 rainbow, brown, and brook trout weighing 97,428 pounds

Marsha Blackburn (TN07)
Ft. Campbell Military Base
Total: 2,481 rainbow trout weighing 912 pounds
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