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Guys, think "cane pole."

There's no way to "take up" line. But you're far from "stuck" with the fish dangling out there!?

You bring the fish in just as you would with any other rod, but you do need a net if you're fishing with the line the length of the rod or longer. The reason you need a net is because the bend even a small fish puts into the rod will make an 11 ft line ( on an 11 ft rod) seem 14 feet long once the rod-tip is bent into a J shape from the pull/weight of the fish. If you're line is the length of the rod or longer, you may have to "hand line" the fish during the last part of the fight by grabbing the line and guiding the fish into the net. You have to remember that this is NOT a method designed for fish bigger than about 12 inches. Trying to land a larger fish could stress the fish out too much before you land him, providing you're "babying" the line in order to get him in. If you don't baby a larger fish, the line will snap - because you are using 6X max. Using anything stronger than 6 X may break the tip of the rod. You really have to see one in person to realize just how small the tip is on a tenkara rod.
i hope this answers some questions.

As to the line length, I use about a 8 ft. level line with a foot and a half of 6X tippet.
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