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What does it do better than a single hand or a Spey rod? I prefer a single for low water and a Spey rod for high water. I spent a week switching back and forth from some Spey to some switch rods and really developed disdain for the switch rods. The concept is nice but the application is not in my experience. Too heavy for a single hand application and too light for the spey.

I found that the switch couldn't give me the ompff I needed to get a larger streamer out on high water and I didn't enjoy it as much. I used a 6 wt spey the most for swinging larger streamers and also used it on one or two generators when i didn't have a boat to drift large nymphs under an indicator. I like the longer line and rod as I could actually fish a long drift in the faster water and catch fish with it. Something I couldn't do with a single hand rod in high water. There is a real advantage when stuck up against the bank on high water using the spey style casting that has almost no back cast. Hooked some very large fish with the nymph doing this.

I like to use a 10 foot single hand and the rods closer to 13 for two handed. I agree with you comment below that the longer rod is great for improved mending.

That's what I did...and my experiences.

If you have tried a rod longer than 10 feet, do you notice problems landing fish?

I found it was largely an negative experience to fish with tippet lighter than 8 lbs as I would break off too many fish with lighter tippet while trying to land them as I would have issues handling the line and the fish.

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