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Originally Posted by Heavynets View Post
I built my switch rod from a Batson 7 wt. 10'-8" 4 piece blank. I love that rod and use it about 50% of the time. If I could only own one rod, it would be a 7 wt switch rod.

I have never fished the park, but I frequently fish tailwaters and medium to large rivers. The right line, leader and fly/streamer combination is critical for a good fishing experience. With the right combination you can turn over a streamer the size a small squirrel or mend a nymph 40 feet out.

I use an #8 WF floating line or a skagit with a sinking tip. I'm still experimenting with the skagit line weights to find the right combination.
Lot's to know and learn with these two handers and the spey nation can be very secretive. As far as the mountains, I wouldn't go with anything heavier than a 6wt and then only if I were looking for the largest fish in the park.
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