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Indeed I had the same thoughts on having it sprayed with bed liner or even doing it myself. I read here and there and did some homework on this topic. Seems that the rubber would stick to rocks more and I found that most folks who had done the bed liner seemed to have that problem. So there for I went with this stuff called Coat-It. Its alot like a bed liner but is not textured. It actually has graphite in it to make it even more slick. This stuff seems to have worked nice in covering the imperfections of my work. Not to mention it has kevlar in it as well. I havn't had it on the water yet, so I have no clue on how it will hold up. I have read that alot of folks out west coat their boats with it and have read nothing but good things about it, but who knows how it'll hold up. i'm hoping for some fishable water soon.
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