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Originally Posted by Stana Claus View Post
whitefeather, it looks like I'll be working every weekend in April, but I might be able to shake free for a mid-week trip one of those weeks if you're here for the duration. Been wanting to explore Jake's Creek and the headwaters of LR, but haven't made it over that way yet. Mostly been fishing up Tremont & Thunderhead Prong. So, will you be here from 4/20 through 5/1? If so, I could maybe do Tuesday, 4/26.
Stana Claus,

I'll be there on Tueday, April 26 for sure and through the middle of the following week! Jakes creek and LR headwaters sounds good!

Not sure where I'll be in the campground. I have a white Sprinter TT, with multicolored horizontal pin stripes on it and will have my, and my wife's amateur radio call sign license plates (Indiana) on the front of the trailer. K9REH and KC9IPI. It will also have a tall vertical antenna on the front of it.

I'm shooting for a generator friendly spot next to the river, somewhere in sections A through F. If you like breakfast (I always eat breakfast before going out) I'll get up early and get some going, bacon and eggs, flap-jacks, hot coffee, etc. Just let me know your preference!

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