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Originally Posted by mattblick View Post
White Feather and Santa Claus,

I will arrive down there with my Father-In-Law on Wednesday 4/27 late, and will be fishing Thursday morning 4/28. If you guys want some more company let me know. The old man insists on fishing downstream, so I never have to worry about his size 15 gunboats spooking the fish ahead of me. We are both in shape to hike, though he is still cursing me for the trip up Deep Creek and over Bumgardner Mountain last October.


Check my post earlier in this thread as to my camping location.

I will still be there on 4/28. So swing by the campground if you can and say howdy when you get in. We can fish upstream, down stream, wherever. By then I should have a pretty good handle on what's going on with LR.

All company welcome!

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