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Default Now who is ready for the truth?


I can't believe you would come on here and tell such tales about our fishing adventure yesterday. You didn't let me have that parking spot, I saw you circling around for it and surged ahead and took it. Also, you forgot to mention why I was wearing my waders. It isn't because I am a wuss, but I was trying to drop weight for my swimsuit this spring..... Also, you mention that the first spot was a little crowded, that was no joke. However, I think we could have made it work. Anybody who saw us probably thought we had just came from the circus and possibly spend our nights climbing out of a clown car.

Honestly though, it was a pleasure to meet up and fish with you guys. It seems like it has been forever since I fished with somebody, and I was in it just as much for the photography possibilities as the fishing. Unfortunately, I think JRoss must be in the witness protection program because he would disappear or turn around every time a camera came out.

I can't really add much to your report other than to say that when we first arrived at the river we were swarmed with little brown stoneflies of about a size #16 or so. The Quill Gordons didn't start hatching good until probably around 3:30.

Buzz scouting a run for JRoss to go in and pluck one out of

JRoss about to snag a fish out of said run....

Buzz showing some good high stickin' form

Once a good fish was spotted, it was every man for himself...

Those fish probably had never seen an aerial assault like this before
My rig for the entire day. Have used the same fly the past two weeks. L-U-C-K-Y

Hey, what do you know, another trillium. What are the odds?

Oh yeah, and we caught some of these too

Buzz too bad your big one got away without a picture. It sure was a beauty. I mean it would have made those other you posted look to be about 4" or so..... In all seriousness though, that was a very nice rainbow. You fellas are alright in my book, and I would enjoy sharing the water with you anytime.

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