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Default Winter Fishing

I am sorry to say I did not fish Snowbird (or any other creek) after New Year's Day. I got into Cycling and seem to have become obsessed with it. Wasn't too hopeful about catching lake run fish, so when I had the time.... I rode my bike. Shameful I know! I did have a couple of reports from a young fellow who fished quite a bit this winter. He did catch a few fish right at the end of the season (end of February). Caught 4 fish from one hole, and a thick (lake run?) brown, his best to date. So maybe some fish did come in late. I hope some of them were successful in spawning. The NC creeks open this Saturday, presumably stocked and ready to go. I may go for a little while Saturday, if I do I will post my results, good or bad. Just good to be on the stream regardless. Always interesting to see the changes a few months can make in a stream.
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