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Thanks for your detailed expert opinion and I mean that. The media was reporting that the raw sewage was being discharged into the river. We out here aren't that educated in the facts, such as yourself, and tend to form opinions based on what we hear from the media.

All too often the facts overlooked, especially when its comes to the fines. You reminded me of that, not from a standpoint of your specialty, but from a hazardous waste spill standpoint, which in fact this was, but I'm talking about large quanties of chemical spills and the like. I am familiar with that as I had to train on it, but I don't have a degree in it or any practical experience, other than a few minor situations.

The families of the victims will be on our prayer list as well as the river and all its wildlife, and people who utilize it for whatever reason.

And it's very good to know that nature has a fighting chance to recover fully.

Thanks again and thanks for caring, both personally and professionally!

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