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Originally Posted by ttas67
I observed the river yesterday in sevierville. It has a light, but definite stench to it, and there is what I believe looks like toilet paper (I wasn't going to touch it to find out) strewn throughout the trees. Other than that, the water doesn't look bad, just a little high. At the city park, which was packed with people, there were no signs to warn people of the situation. This tells me that the city is either totally irresponsible, or knows that its not a big deal.

"I believe the city of Sevierville, Pigeon forge, and especially Gatlinburg are all totally irresponsible for how they take care of the river. They only think about how they can bring more tourist in. look how much money is spent on widening the roads. G-burg has been cited by the EPA many times for its waste water system. They don't get fined, so they just don't do anything about it. "

Right on Gary and they won't pay attention until they're hit where it hurts, in the wallet. I work at a power plant where we fire a small amount of coal, I'm the main contact for the EPA and the state air quality inspectors as well as all emissions equipment. You would not believe the amount of regulation we have to traverse each day, it's literally hard to keep up with!
The last several times I or my wife have fished the stocked water in G-burg we have carried a bag and picked up trash. It's nasty under those bridges through town. I have stood in G-burg and wondered at what a pretty river that must have been a couple hundred years ago to look like it does now.
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