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So here we go....

When TVA built these dams a "taking" occurred in that natural river habitat was lost along with the unique fishery it provided. This was a loss to the people in terms of recreation, both fishing, canoeing and other "values".

TVA has previously responded to this loss by trying to augment or mitigate these losses in some locations by trying to enhance what is left of the riverine habitat... an example would be the weirs and grates on the SOHO or Oxygen injection to raise O2 levels below Cherokee.

It is entirely reasonable that the State of TN and TWRA INSIST that this loss of fish habitat, spawning habitat etc. be mitigated with funds to restore, or enhance or sustain a fishery through fish stocking.

Another facet to this situation is that Pittman Robertson funds are collect on the sale of fishing and hunting gear here in TN and this money could be used to sustain these hatcheries. In many States the entire hatchery system is funded with these Federal taxes paid by sportsmen.

I wonder now that we are headed toward "austerity measures" after the Anointed one spent a trillion bucks "stimulating" our economy how much of that money went to repair of fish hatcheries?

I would hope that National TU has the guts to stand up to the exalted one who they supported for president in the last election?

Don't blame this on conservatives.... blame it on those who have a social agenda that doesn't care about those who hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors... This is clearly a situation where city people out vote country people.. some want to fish and others want to get it in the store with an EBT card.
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