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Some very good points by a number of folks here on the forum. And Waterwolf is correct! The federal government has gotten its dirty little hands into too many things. And what happens when it does? Well, whatever their hands are into, in the end it gets totally screwed up and goes belly up financially. Historical fact.

And if one department of government doesn't do it, along comes another one that will. Need I make a list? No, the word "everything" should describe it.

This might be a good time to let the feds bail and then lock the **** door behind them. Don't ever let them back in. And that is going to take monumental pressure from Tennessee folks on their legislatures to make it happen. And creative ideas to take up the slack in the way of stocking facilities. Then file a federal lawsuit demanding the mitigation money for the loss of your rivers to TVA lakes that they agreed to pay. Follow that up with a state moratorium on collecting Pittman-Robinson funds for the feds.

It's the same everywhere, every state is or is **** close to being broke.

Anytime you let the thieves run away with your money, they will. And that's what the legislatures in most states are, a bunch of thieves that only know how to spend, spend, spend, everybody else's hard earned money yet offer no long term solutions that enhance your personal freedoms and your worth or your job opportunities.

And by the way, in Indiana our governor and his crew have even learned how to steal the Pittman-Robinson funds also. Among other things.

The first $120 I spend in Tennessee next week will be for fishing licenses and permits for the Tellico-Citico areas, as a non-resident. And I sure don't eat $120 worth of trout while I am there! LOL! I don't generally even fish in the stocked areas. So I guess I better take home what I can, if I'm lucky.

But I enjoy Tennessee and the hospitality of its people, so that's just the way it is and to me it's worth it.

All the solutions to the problems we face as Americans, Tennesseans, Hoosiers, Ohioians, Kentuckians, Virginians, and North Carolinians and everywhere else, require some radical thinking and radical solutions to the problems, because the normal solutions that have already been tried have failed. It's just stupid to keep applying the same fixes that haven't worked before.

If you were fishing on a stream that suffered a total fish kill and didn't catch any fish, would you continue to tie on different flies hoping your luck would change?

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