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Wow that was pretty deep thinkin there whitefeather.

What I don't understand is why in the sam **** is it a fed controled hatchrey anyways? I wish the state of Tennessee would take over it. After all our rivers and parkks tend to draw in. A lot of out of state folks. Why this wouldn't be viewed as a way of revinue I don't know? You can't tell me it takes that much money for a hatchrey.
Also why I'm on the subject of things why not start charging folks to visit the park. Why close it down, again so much revinue would be lost! If they charged 5 or 10 bucks are car that would help cover the cost of running it, plus the state and small bess would profit from it unsted of loosing money!

I have always felt that the federal goverment doesn't give a crap about nothing but making the rich richer and the pooer pooer! It's time for the American people to wake up and reclaim this great nation!
That's all I'm done!
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