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You nailed it!

The promise of the feds never to charge a entrance fee to GSMNP is one of the few promises that has been kept...for now, anyway.

I love Tennessee. You guys have a quality stocking program, in many, many places. It'd be a, a crime if you were forced to give it up because the US Fish and Wildlife Department is having a hissy fit over other departments not paying their fair share.

Please don't let them get away with this!

Organize and fight it! Take over your hatcheries at the state level or even outsource them on contract to private enterprise. Elect proactive sportsman representatives from amoungst your own ranks to promote your own economy, fishing and outdoor recreation.

Let them (USFWS) take proper legal action to resolve the problem and not a cop out way of withholding money they TOOK from you in the first place in taxes, to make everybody else suffer on down the line by having to give up things like hatcheries.

These people know this. They are just are bunch of vindictive a$$XXes. They think they are entitled to steal your money (taxes) and tell you they will share it back with you, if you're lucky. For every ten cents the feds spend, your children and grandchildren will pay back $100.

Government never created a **** thing nor earned anything either, except the spite of the common man.

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