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Originally Posted by Hoosier View Post
I just received a 346 SB and found some good info on this forum regarding it in the previous thread. The rod has been sitting in the basement for quite some time and I am very confident that it has not been used in at least 40 years. That makes be concerned in terms of the strength and viability of using it as is. It won't be my rod of choice but it is something that I would like to get out once in awhile in a sentimental way. I would like to do more than just put it up on a wall as a display. All the guides are there and the ferrules look okay. I think it came with two tip but one is broke. If I can pull together some money in the next few months, I would like to try to get the rod refinished/refurbished. Can anyone point me in a direction of where to find someone who might be able to do this type of work? Thanks


"Sitting in the basement" wouldn't affect the strength or integrity of the rod blank, unless it was in a very, very dry environment, (usually not the case in a basement), but might have had some detrimental effect on the wrappings, guide, and ferrule glue. Not a big deal.

I've restored a number of old rods for other folks and myself. It depends on how much restoration you want and what kind of expense you want to invest. Whether original looking restoration or just dependable restoration for use and what kind of condition the rod is in, as in any cracks in the blank walls, or "bruises" in the fiberglass.

Usually a full strip down is desirable on a rod that old, with all new wrappings, glue, finish, etc. The ferrules and guides can be re-used if desired or replaced. If the ferrules are not loose when the wrappings, if present, are removed, then they won't be a problem. If they are, they are easy to remove and re-glue.

Since your forum name is "Hoosier", do you live in Indiana and what town?
I live in Bean Blossom, Brown County.

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