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Originally Posted by whitefeather View Post
I just recently acquired an 17 foot Old Town Canoe, that had been stored upside down for quite a few years. The bottom condition is very good with the usual scrapes and scratches you would expect on a used canoe and the inside is very new looking. The wooden beams, etc.

One problem and minor is that while it was stored, something must have been placed on the bottom surface because is has a distinct large dimple in the bottom near the center.

I put a couple of stobbs between one of the beams and the dark green bottom and it popped out after sitting in the direct sunlight for a few days. When we got this cold snap and the temperature dropped, the dimple popped back in.

Anyone know a simple way to condition the plastic bottom to keep the dimple from coming back? It doesn't affect the performance, it just looks odd.
They call it oil-canning. Put some hot water in it and put it back out in the sun. If it popped out once, it will most likely do it again. And unless it's cracked & leaking stay away from vinyl mastic or doing anything else. I've also seen this where people strap down boats so tight that it causes similar damage, but is usually at tie down points and not in the middle.

Hope that helps
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