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Originally Posted by Stana Claus View Post
The hatcheries are the sellers, and the people who stand to profit from the output of the hatcheries (the hotels, restaurants, fly shops, guides, gas stations, grocery stores, etc, serving the people fishing for those stocked trout, as well as the local and state governments who collect sales tax revenue on all of the above) are the ones who should be investing to guarantee that output. The reason they don't is because, so far, they haven't had to. The Federal Government has been giving them a free ride by supplying the fish that brings in the tourist crowd without them having to invest a dime. I promise that if I were operating a business that relied on fish being stocked by some hatchery, and I could generate $75 for every $1 invested (per the quoted studies) I'd d****ed sure be investing in that hatchery instead of sitting around relying on Uncle Sam to do it for me.
It might sound good in theory, but it completely breaks down in reality. The guides, fly shop owners, and proprietors of small businesses are barely making ends meet now. They do not have the money nor the organization to put together the money to purchase a hatchery and operate it successfully. That leaves the state and local governments who are also broke and who do not have the ability or have limited ability to borrow to make the needed investment. Either the feds pay (ideally the Core of Engineers or TVA to mitigate their damages) or we increase license fees again massively or we quit stocking and allow the guides, flyshop owners, and small businessmen to collect unemployment benefits for years. Wonder how much money the government(s) will pay then?
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