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I'll throw this out to you since you haven't had any bites yet . It has been about 20 something years since I was over in that part of the world, but you are not far from Assateague Island/Chincoteague Bay. If you want to fish the surf, the VA end of the island use to be quite popular and from what I recall productive. I remeber the lowest end of the island use to be closed quite often to turtle and plover nesting, but not sure if that is still the case. If you search that area for info I am sure you can come up with some good contacts. There use to be a few boats that would go out from Chicoteague. The bay was also productive at that time and if you want to wade fly fish you can access the bay from a few spots including the Assateague NP/FWS (Virginia end is a combo Nat'l Park/USFWS area) area accross from Chincoteague. I wasn't a fly fisher back then but I gotta beleive there would be something there. If nothing else the blue crabbing use to be phenomenal there, which is fun for the younger kids. I know it is not exactly where you are at, but it is close and is an option, but also my info is quite dated.

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