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A riverside "trout cam" would be pretty cool.... when a hatch comes up everyone (except me) who knows how to use the internet on a cell phone could be alerted and bolt for the river. Needless to say I would be the guy in the "flash-mob" commercial who doesn't get the message or alert!

The "perception" is that most East TN trout prefer wicked tiny nymphs so I wonder what happens if a steak drifted through the "zone" or maybe a streamer?

Had I unlimited coin..... well I spose it would be cool to install a camera underwater with a live video sent to shore so "experiments" could be conducted to determine what techniques, colors, sizes and patterns seemed to garner the most attention when there was no bug activity.

Ah; my lifelong quest for the "magic bullet fly".... course everyone knows it's an earthworm
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