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Hey Curtis, been a long time since hearing from you.
I tried some 2" grey electrical conduit and had it mounted down along the edge of the boat and it worked but putting the rods in and out was kind of a hassle and it made a lot of noise when the guides rubbed across the the inside of the tubes, kind of like finger nails on a chalkboard effect.
I am thinking about making a couple of t-post with foam coverings and bungie straps out of a wooden broom handle and a small piece of leftover plywood from my seats. It will look similiar to the magnetic mount car top fly rod carriers only it will be mounted onto the bench seats.

similar to this.

This will only be used to keep rigged rods out of the way and from moving around when running up and down the river, not for transport in the boat. I like to have 3 fly rods rigged in the boat, my 7wt with a topwater, the 8wt with a subsurface and a 4wt for bream and shad. and maybe a spin rod just in case!

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