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Originally Posted by 501 View Post
Heck I sometimes fish a rod just because I want to, regardless of the situation. Part of the fun is having more than one rod and constantly trying to figure out what would make the perfect rod. Sorry I kinda deviated off the subject but........................

I agree...

Also, it will always be a point of discussion because there is no right/wrong answer IMO. I was just up there a couple weeks ago and over the holiday weekend I was close to triple digits in terms of the amount of fish caught. All fish (5"-11")were caught on a medium action 7'9" 5wt and not once did I hear myself sayin'... boy this sucks because I'm not using a 1wt,2wt,3wt,4wt etc. It happened to be the rod I picked to fish with that weekend and it seemed to work pretty good. From my limited GSMNP exp. I would have to say that MY perfect rod up there would be something in the 7'11" to 8'4" range and probably a 3wt or 4wt. 4pc. that is light in the hand but has some backbone to handle wind, nymph rigs and a heavier line if desired. It's a tall order asking one rod to do it all. So glad there are so many...

Tight Lines,
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