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Originally Posted by bhrt View Post
* On June 4 at 12:30 p.m., a woman flagged down a Norris officer at Powerhouse Road and Norris Freeway, saying she had been running on the Songbird Trail when she noticed a man near the canoe launch staring at her. He asked if he could run with her, she said; she told him no, but he tried to run with her anyway. Frightened, she ran as fast as she could to her car. Police did not find the man; extra patrols were ordered for the area. "

That sounds like one of Grouseman's moves...
This incident was a little freaky. My mother and sister both walk these trails daily and I would be extremely upset if someone did this to one of them.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
I bumped into an exuberant young fellow a few weeks ago who was just learning to fly fish on the Clinch.

He told me that a few weeks prior while fishing near the jail a TWRA officer showed up while he was wading the river and that three others who were spin fishing promptly left. Seems the officer started walking the bank and found three large trout on a stringer un-attended by anyone and chose to write this young man a ticket claiming they must be his fish.

The odd thing is this newbie is not talented enough to catch these fish!

The newbie (to his credit) was still excited to be learning fly fishing and did not appear to know very much as his fly line was incorrectly attached to his reel (of course I remedied this situation). This kid would be excited to catch ANY trout much less kill three large trout and try to hide them.

Kudos to the kid for claiming he would win on his day in court and shame on the officer.
That is interesting! I do know that TWRA is creating a more obvious and frequent presence on the Clinch. I know most of the officers very well and I would hate for one of them to err on a decision that has a reasonable explanation supported by witnesses. He may have been with the other guys and in possession of the fish at one point or another....? The guys I know do not just walk up and write tickets at the church area. The usually have their binoculars on for a reason and they have adequate information on who to approach first on the water. I hate that the kid got a ticket and I hope it comes out well for him. I know that the officers are only trying to protect our resources and fulfill their obligations as TWRA Agents.

*Also, be sure and have your boat/trailer in tip shape on August 5th if you are launching at Peach Orchard or using Hillvale.

THP Announces Checkpoints

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will be conducting several drivers’ license roadside safety checkpoints between now and the end of September in Anderson County. August 5th on Hillvale at Peach Orchard. The THP says these checkpoints have proven to be an effective way of enforcing the state’s drivers’ license laws while ensuring the protection of all motorists. The THP will also conduct a roadside sobriety checkpoint on July 29th on Highway 61 at Bethel Road and another on September 23rd on State Route 62, a half-mile east of Union Valley Road.
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