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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I hated to hear about this lost soul. Things happen in life and sometimes people lose Faith and hope. I only wish that I could reach out to him and to try lend a shoulder to get him on his feet! I shared this report in hopes that it would remind us to be more aware of others and increase our situational awareness! One of our forum friends was the fisherman who broke his arm. I was told from a friend that he laid on the riverbank for about 30 minutes before someone heard his requests for help.

Flat, fortunately God gave me the best protection and the ability to reason! I try to exude a friendly demeanor and kind spirit. This seems to protect me from most difficult situations.
I'm with you on this one

Reason is much better. In the last 20 years I have had less than a handful of encounters that have spooked me a bit. While some may see this as an argument to carry, I would argue otherwise. One of these situations the guy actually pulled a gun, and in another the guy had a pistol in his pants that he made sure we all saw as he was acting all "incest crazy". While both of these people made sure to dominate, and ensure they had the upper hand they were both just using the gun for leverage. In one of these cases the guys behavior was so outrageous that if I would have had a gun I would have shot him. I'm sure it would have been justified, but am glad it didn't turn out that way. I think it was much better of me to apoligize, even though I wasn't doing anything wrong, and use reason to get out of a situation after letting him rant. While some may see this as cowardly, or letting a "bad guy" just go on to do it to someone else, I think it was the best thing as it diffused a crazy situation. I also don't have to live with someone's life on my conscience.

I have nothing against guns, own a couple, and grew up in an law enforcement family that interacted heavily with them. While I believe there are places where you might want to carry, I believe that in 90% of the Smokies you are just carrying a bunch of extra weight, and really there is no need for a gun.
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