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Default smallmouth murdich minnow

This is a good one for those times when you want a minnow pattern that barely suspends below the surface like a rapala. It darts as you strip it looking like an injured fish on the surface. I like to tie them with about 3 wraps of wire to break the surface tension to get it just under the surface down to about 6" deep.
shad colors are great but I like the bass colors also. Fish this like most streamer patterns with a loop knot for great action.

Hooks -Gamakasu B10S stingers or SC15 (this one is a 1/0 SC15) wide gaps hooks are best.
materials- olive over white bucktail for tail
gold Flashabou for flash tail extended an inch beyond the tail
white puglisi fibers for body
white med estaz for head
light green and sepia pantone markers for coloration
stick on eyes with goop adhesive for durability.

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