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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
TWRA counted 291 boats from Happy to the Dam yesterday weekends are a pain for the fisherman on account of the ignorant folks they're turning loose in the rental boats & i'm being polite in my description.
If there were 291 boats on Sunday I don't even want to know what Saturday's numbers were but I can tell you it was a lot!! Seemed like a holiday weekend out there...

The weather was hot the fishing was not. With only two hours of generation it made for a long float through the numerous large flotillas of canoes and kayakers out on the river. Believe it or not through all the madness fish were still caught. We brought in three nice standard issue Caney bows all right in the 15-16" range and of course saw several nice fish. I would definitely recommend using hoppers up there since these fish were all taken on cicadas. Several others had nice fish as well. I even heard about one nice rainbow brought to the net on Saturday that grew an inch every time it came up in conversation. Started out at around 20" and I think it ended up somewhere around 24" but a quality fish none the less. I know that never happens to the fish that I catch...

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