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Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
tnflyfisher, you're right. It has been established that the natives are showing up in some waters that held only browns & 'bows when the sampling was done just a few years ago. I hope to get over there soon too. I'm wondering what contributing factors may have been mentioned by Steve Moore, Matt Kulp or other Fisheries Management biologists. Just curious.

I'm sorry, I didn't recognize what angle you were coming from. I see you are well aware that there are brookies in those waters. As to why the migration down so low? I am not sure. I have no relationship with the individuals you mentioned and have not heard an official "scientific" explanation. I know of other locations in the park well below 3000' with brookies so maybe it just has something to do with the fact that they were here first and are taking over again. Kind of a cool thought ...

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