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Well it certainly has been awhile. I got my wings on June 14th, went to survival school and water survival, and got to my first base two weeks ago today. I'll be stationed at Travis AFB between Sacramento and Oakland.

There was an airshow today so I was able to step foot on the plane I'll be flying on for the next 6+ years of my career. I can't wait to start flying!

If you haven't read this thread, I'll be doing in flight refueling. I fly the boom from the back of the aircraft and refuel other planes.

Pictured is my plane, the KC-10. The metal rod under the tail is the boom, and also pictured is the refueling pod. I sit in that chair with the joysticks and guide the boom into the receptacle.

I also took a picture with Captain Kristin "Mother" Hubbard, Thunderbird F-16 pilot. She was the event coordinator/narrator for the airshow in Smyrna. My mom worked with her a lot, and we found out last week my mom has cancer So I knew it would make her day if I sent her a picture of me in my flight suit with Captain Hubbard.
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