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Default The Caney is Fishing Tough

My Dad and I went up to the Caney with some other guys to drift the river. It fished tough to say the least. We saw tons of fish and some real big ones too. There were tons of kayaks and other various floating devices on the river. I think they definately helped make the fishing tough! The best way to go for us was #22 midges, really small indicators, and shallower shoals. The deeper runs held fish, but the fish in the shallower water seemed to be feeding a little better. We caught fish on all colors zebra midges. Here's a couple pictures of the nicer ones from around the dam.

RT's 18"er.

Dad's 17"er with a weird face.

My 16" redemption rainbow after losing a 18-20" one.

Overall it was a good weekend. We all lost some big fish at places other than near the dam. Tiny midges were the way to go. Hoping to go later this fall. I bet it will be MUCH better without the mass numbers of people on the river.
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