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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
I bumped into an exuberant young fellow a few weeks ago who was just learning to fly fish on the Clinch.

He told me that a few weeks prior while fishing near the jail a TWRA officer showed up while he was wading the river and that three others who were spin fishing promptly left. Seems the officer started walking the bank and found three large trout on a stringer un-attended by anyone and chose to write this young man a ticket claiming they must be his fish.

The odd thing is this newbie is not talented enough to catch these fish!

The newbie (to his credit) was still excited to be learning fly fishing and did not appear to know very much as his fly line was incorrectly attached to his reel (of course I remedied this situation). This kid would be excited to catch ANY trout much less kill three large trout and try to hide them.

Kudos to the kid for claiming he would win on his day in court and shame on the officer.

What is the definition of "un-attended" down there? Is it illegal to be in the river fishing and have your legal catch tied up at the bank, or do you have to maintain constant possession?

I would assume the officer would have to "prove" a possession link to the kid at the same time the fish were unattended, in court, if he showed up as the accuser. Good luck with that one, unless he has photos.

This seems like pretty weak and petty enforcement, when their presence and enforcement is certainly needed and appreciated. Bad or sloppy enforcement is almost as bad, if not worse than no enforcement.

What say you forum members? Educate me on this one so I don't fall into the trap myself.

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