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Originally Posted by billyspey View Post
just remember point the bow at what you want to avoid row back

in due time, don't wait til the last minute, it won't work Driftboat Strategies by Neele Streaks is a comprehensive read on rowing a drifter, i studied my copy well along with a friend that bought a drifter & learned to row it many moons ago.
The Caney is a cake walk compared to other rivers, the SoHO, Watauga, Hi & Clinch will eat your gelcoat for sure, just go on out & hit the side of it with a hammer & get it over with
I'm in my 3rd Clacka now, like billspey, should have never sold the first one, not to mention the 2nd i ordered new, i've rowed other's, i just like the Clack's.

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