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I would be okay with it if I knew that the money was going to go to BC sites. Even if it was just to site maintenance and not necessarily enforcement. Unfortunately it probably won't. Even if it did, the mgmt would likely look at it like, well now they have a special fund for BC sites, therefore no need to fund them out of the park's general budget, and now that money budgeted goes someplace else. And that does happen. Also, $4 more for camping each night, .50 cents more a gallon gas to get there, 5% more for tippets to cover increased production cost, cost of boots and clothing increasing 10%, and on and on, it is getting so it is a slow death by a thousand cuts. Just getting harder to make ends meet when everyone is dipping into our wallets for just $4 more. But like mentioned in an earlier post, probably already a done deal, and all it is doing is hitting those who are honestly playing by the rules.
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