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Originally Posted by gmreeves View Post
To me it doesn't look like there is any varnish on the rod or wraps. Maybe one coat on the wraps. Typically you won't see any indentations on the tread wraps. Some builders will go ultra thin on varnish and after several years, the wraps will start to be visible. You can definately add to it if you are concerned. Any spar varnish should work fine. If it is a high dollar rod, you might want to contact a builder to do the work but if not, give it a go. It can always be removed and the guides re-wrapped.

Thanks for the help. After a bit of reading I had come to the conclusion that it needed more varnish. I used a spray on spar varnish and gave it a light coating. I will go back tonight and do another. I used to paint cars when I was a young man so I know how to lay it on even and thin. I don't think I have any runs and got a decent coat on too. No way I would do this with a nice rod from a pro builder but since I bought this rod for $70 off of ebay (a kids rod building class in Michigan had a bunch they were selling to raise funds for the next class), I thought I would go for it. I think it looks great already. It feels noodly compared to my TFO's so I think it must be a strong mid flex, if not full...but I don't know enough to say for certain. I'll post more pics so you guys can let me know what you think about the varnish levels. Thanks again.

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