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Originally Posted by pineman19 View Post

I am curious as to why you fish only 4 weights on tailwaters, especially the Clinch since that seems to be your main destination. I have used 4 and 5 weights, but mainly 5 weights on the Clinch, SOHO and Holston.

Sorry pineman, I just saw this. I might be a little late in responding but here goes

I prefer a 4wt for no real reason other then it protects 6x tippet better then a 5wt IMO, and they usually lay a fly line down much softer then a 5wt. That alone makes a huge difference IMO on the Clinch when the water is low and clear.

Personally casting is no different to me on a 4wt versus a 5wt, granted the model and mfg of the rod makes a lot of difference when it comes to this.

I have always fished a 4 wt. for trout, I have several 5 wts but rarely fish them. I have a brand new 5 wt. SLT that has never been fished, literally. It is a nice rod I just haven't used it. I use a 4wt out west as well, even throwing bigger hoppers. If I need to step up to throw big nymphs or a lot of lead, I will grab a 6 wt. to get that extra back bone I need.
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