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Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
Hey Tyrillius,

got an idea for you if your going to call folks those kind of names on this board for buying something they want and can afford. Last I heard we were still free to buy what we want without asking others if they felt it was appropriate....why don't you buck up and challenge old Waterwolf to a 50ft duel with #18 barbless hooks and see who runs or bleeds out first! I mean with a name like Tyrillius (world of warcraft fame) you surely would do that.....PS. I had to google your name to find out what the Sam Hill it meant.

PS....what's your blood type....I'll have some on hand for you.
**** back this duel up to 80 feet, 50 will be too easy. AT least make it a challenge

My bet is Mr. Dungeons and Dragons won't be back. I would say mom's basement has poor connection speeds.
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