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ir.......... We had planned on a few drifts down the Kenai, but Tom is more comfortable with spin gear and I couldn't get him off the Russian. lol We did camp at Quartz creek and gave it a shot the following morning, nothing went right for us so I decided we should go on down to the Russian in an attempt to salvage the day. The Quartz was on fire though, double digits on the Dollies was what I was hearing. I sure didn't want to leave, guess that leaves a good excuse for next years trip.

Yep. Was packing a 500, but Tom had the bear spray and that would have been our first choice. The 500 just allowed me to enjoy the fishing more, not use to the big browns yet. Over kill I'm sure, but hey..... I like new toys.

Ethan......... We had a great trip, thanks for all the help and advice that you shared with me. I'm thinking a week next year just for the Copper Landing area!?!? I'll stop in next time up, need to talk waders with you guys anyways.
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