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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

It is a shame that we have not fished together as I would be pleased to land a 25 inch brown with a dainty outfit trout if you can put me over one!

When I moved here last year I hoped to fish more than I have been able; now that I'm "physically" better I'm worn out most weekends from week day work as this heat is beating me up.

The Clinch river seems to have poor recreational flows just like the soho.... when do you guys find time to safely fish them?/

I have only fished the Clinch a few seasons, but this year has been much tougher IMO so far to wade fish. Norris Lake reached "full pool" in April this year, pretty much stayed that way until early July, now they are lowering the lake much faster than last year. Seems they will have to back off soon (I hope) or they won't have enough water till the winter rains begins. All that hot weather has surely played a role, same deal on the SOHO imagine. Watch the schedule in the next month, it should get better for wade fishermen.

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