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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

I haven't been to Nances or below Cherokee for many weeks; hope you are catching over there! If the Soho flows were wadable on weekends I would endure the 2 hour drive each way..... anyone ever want to car pool let me know!

Even though the Park is fairly close I have a hard time getting excited about fishing it.... seems there's always kids splashing about the best pools and six inch fish just don't do it for me.

I have grown a little weary of the Park as well. Been fishing it pretty often since 2000, actually caught my first trout on a Panther Martin in the mid 70's at Elkmont when they were still stocking trout, it was a brook trout, I assume northern strain. I was in G-Burg yesterday, had my tackle, couldn't get excited about fishing there, instead I drank beer and BS'd in my fav watering hole down there. I may head to the SOHO next weekend, I'll be 51 next sat., need to get ot and fish for the first time in nearly a month. I am considering moving closer to the Tri-cities, have to do some more research and see if I can transfer to that area. I haven't fished Nances Ferry since May, the water gets kinda warm down there after June IMO.

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